Automatic Traffic Recorder Volume Counts

Link volumes for all roadways including ramps and driveways to determine ADT and hourly distribution of traffic. In addition, data can be collected to determine ADT as required by various agencies. Data is banked for various client projects upon request to facilitate trend analysis and forecasting.

Turning Movement Counts

Turning movement counts for various locations including driveways, malls and other land uses including a full range of classifications. Each count, conducted utilizing a mechanical count board, is processed and transmitted via both fax and email, with the electronic copy being in the form of an excel spreadsheet illustrating total traffic for each movement. Data is banked for various client projects upon request to facilitate trend analysis and forecasting.

Field Reconnaissance

Full range of reconnaissance illustrating roadway and intersection geometry, traffic control type, curbs, grades, speed limits, land uses by quadrant etc. Products include sketches and photos including a photo log for clarity. For signalized intersections, field timings are provided to compliment signal directives where readily available.

Gap Studies

Measurement of traffic gaps in one and multiple direction to illustrate the opportunities or gaps available for traffic from a minor street to turn left across a major street to/from an adjacent development/site. Data is collected through automated set-ups and is presented according to the 2000 Highway Capacity Manual.

Speed Studies

Conducting speed studies by installing equipment on streets to obtain space mean speed data or by utilizing speed guns to obtain time mean speeds or instantaneous speed data. The automated data collection is downloaded and submitted to illustrate 15th, 50th, 85th, 90th percentile speeds tabulated versus the posted speed limits.

Vehicle Classification Studies

Perform classification studies for up to 16 different classes for 1, 2 or 3 directions based on the Federal Highway Administration’s standards, or by a user defined scheme for up to 14 classes. Counts automated.

Accident Studies

Procure 3-5 year accident data from Statutory Agencies including the Police and conducting analysis to illustrate the number and type of accidents necessary to facilitate decisions on improvements to safety as may be required for various locations. Illustrations are provided in the form of summary tables, accident diagrams and reports.

Parking Counts

Perform parking accumulation counts including tracking circulation and efficiency of individual and multiple parking areas and garages utilizing license plates, tagged vehicles and cameras.

Field Queue Analysis

Accurately record queue lengths and vehicle delays at a stop sign and signal controlled intersections. Data can be collected for multi-lane roadways.

License Plate Count

Perform license plate counts to determine traffic flow patterns and origin-destination characteristics of motorists.

Sight Distance Analysis

Review of AASHTO and Township/State roadway requirements, conducting field measurements for sight distance and documenting sight distance requirements versus sight distances measured at various sites. Sight distances measured include Intersection Sight Distances (looking left and right from a driveway or roadway), and Stopping Sight Distances for left-turning vehicles measured from the same direction and from the opposite direction. The assessments include measurement for single and multiple lane major roadways. Where no speed limits are posted, Traffic Databank conducts automated speed counts to determine prevailing 85th and 95th percentile speeds.

Travel Time Studies

Conducting travel time studies on corridors and roadway networks to assess delay. Studies can be conducted for various vehicle types. The studies identify problem areas where excessive delays occur. Post improvement studies can also be conducted and data tabulated to illustrate before and after scenarios.

Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) by NYSUCP – Certified for traffic data collection & aggregation, origin-destination studies, traffic analyses and traffic impact studies. Eligible as a DBE on NYSDOT, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority federally assisted projects.

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by NYSDOT & NJDOT